Affiliate Scheme

Start earning money today with the Urban Retreat Affiliate Programme.

It's an easy and exciting way for you to work with Urban Retreat to enhance your website and to promote our products from your site. By simply linking to Urban Retreat, you can earn generous referral fees when visitors link from your site to Urban Retreat.

It's easy to join - it costs nothing to become an affiliate. Sign up now!

We provide banners, images, text links and email ads

Earn up to 5% on all sales referred from your website

We track commissions using a third party audit service to ensure accuracy

You can check your commissions online in real time

That's it - it's fast and easy!

We have teamed up with (who manage the UK's largest affiliate marketing network) and handle all of the customer service, delivery and tracking of sales generated from your website.

We provide you with a wide selection of linking options - we can even build the links for you. All you have to do is decide how you want to link to Urban Retreat - choose one of our many banners or simply make a text link. No matter how you choose to link to us, you get paid on all resulting sales.

You will be paid via AWin for all commission earned and are paid in pounds sterling. Even if someone visits our site and does not order immediately, but re-visits the site within 30 days and orders, you still earn your referral commission.

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